Open ID Connect & Integration

Simple Integration using our simple APIs, Docs, Samples & SDKs

Flexible and simple ways of Integration

If you already support Open ID Connect or would like to develop your own implementation it's really simple, easy and straight-forward to integrate. You just need to go over our step-by-step guide in the Documentation.

Also, you can select the Java Scripts library (acmelogin-Connect.js), SDKs and the sample project of your application type (i.e. single-page app, web app, mobile app, API, etc.) and the development language that you want from our GitHub account. We are continuing to add new SDKs in other languages and you are also welcome to develop and share your SDKs on our GitHub page for use by other developers.

Open ID Connect - Token Authentication with OAuth & JWT

acmeLOGIN handles token-based authentication and manages access to your Apps using Open ID Connect which is based on JSON Web Tokens and OAuth2 Protocol which is an industry standard. acmeLOGIN is issuing, checking and revoking the OAuth tokens and Keys for you.

Integration for different types of Application/Clients

acmeLOGIN enables developers to build different types of applications that can be Stateful or Stateless where you will be able to authenticate your users in a secure way with acmeLOGIN and without the need to store your user state on your own server or system.

For more details on integrating each application type, please refer to the documentation at