Realms and Applications/Clients

  • It supports multiple Realms, Applications and Clients

  • Realm is a complete an independent environment and account for your common data. All of your Applications/Clients in one Realm will share all the settings, users, security, login page (as login methods, UI/UX and Workflows), etc. You are able to have more than one Realm if you have different applications that may have different users or different settings in any term.

  • Clients in a Realm: all your different applications that may even work from different internet domains or different components, channels or clients that belong to the same application (such as mobile app, backend/API and website of the same project) are all considered to be Clients in our Realm if they share the same User base and the same settings for all the services that acmeLOGIN is providing.


If you would like to adapt your product to other languages rather than English, then you can use the ready-to-use acmeLOGIN support for the Localization in many languages;

  • Català (ca)
  • Deutsch (de)
  • English (en)
  • Español (es)
  • Français (fr)
  • Italian (it)
  • 日本語 (ja)
  • Lietuvių (lt)
  • Norsk (no)
  • Português (pt-BR)
  • Русский (ru)

You can also update the text of any language that you would like to use or keep the default text that acmeLOGIN has, as is.


Support all the following registrations

  • Manual Registration
  • Social Registrations
  • Register with SAASPASS Connect
  • Other IDP Registrations

User Identities and Profiles

Accept and manage your users' profiles

  • acmeLOGIN Profile
  • Social Profiles
  • SAASPASS Profile
  • Other IDP Profiles

Also you can assign your custom attributes to the specific user's profile data.

Password Management

Password Complexity

  • You can customize it to suit your needs.

Password Resets/Updates

  • We handle the entire password life cycle flow for you including resets and forcing the user to change it.

Authentication / Authorization

Manual login

Multi-factor authentication - SAASPASS CONNECT

Multi-factor authentication - Secure Login with SAASPASS Connect

Be one step ahead of your competitors and deploy the outstanding MFA solution for your applications in minutes with setting up your account in SAASPASS and configure a few parameters in acmeLOGIN.

Social Login

Support of the following 3rd party social login providers;

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft
  • GitHub
  • StackOverflow

We are continuing on adding the support for the login with other social login providers

IDP Login

Generic Open ID Connect provider

You can add, configure and use any Identity Provider that supports the Open ID Connect standard.

UI Customization

UI and localized text customization for all the pages used in acmeLOGIN;

  • Login
  • Register
  • Verify email
  • Reset password
  • Update password
  • Update profile
  • IDP link confirm
  • IDP link email
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Info
  • Error

Workflow/ UX Customization

User Actions

Dynamic actions to be taken by users such as

  • Ask the user for a Password Update
  • Ask the user for a Profile Update
  • Ask the user for an Email Verification
  • Acquire acceptance for the "Terms and Conditions"

Support Direct Login with an IDP

Identify Providers Workflow

For each Identity provider you can set the workflow for the behavior of the system after user log in with that IDP. The workflow is to identify the following flows;

  • A flow for creating new and updating existing user's account after user log in with any one of the IDPs
  • A flow for handling the user's profile after the user log in with any one of the IDPs

Email management

Use acmeLOGIN email server or configure and use your own custom email server

acmeLOGIN supports sending an email to the user automatically according to your workflow and the user actions you set. There are different emails that are sent according to different events. This is a list of them;

  • Email Verification
  • Identity Provider Link
  • Password Reset
  • Execute Actions
  • Event Login Error
  • Event Update Password
  • Developer Welcome
  • Developer Created Welcome

UI and localized text customization for all the emails above individually.


  • Open ID Connect and Tokens management
  • Headers, policies and protection
  • Brute force detection
  • Keys management and Open ID Endpoint

Single Sign On

Seamless Single Sign-On for all your Apps

The acmeLOGIN Ready Seamless Single-sign-on (SSO) will enable your users to log in, to switch between all of your applications and Clients using a single account and login one time into one of the apps then switch to the other apps until their session will expire.

  • Ready Seamless SSO for all your Apps and Clients
  • Fully-Managed Sessions
  • One Account and One-Time Login everywhere
  • User can easily switch between all of your applications and Clients

Monitoring and Session Management

  • Monitor all logins and logouts and active sessions.
  • Monitor those logins and sessions as geo-locations on the world map.
  • Be in control of your active sessions and be able to terminate them.

User Management

You can do the following;

  • Manage user profiles; manage the users' profiles for manual logins. Also manage the profiles from the IDP that you implement and your user may use to log in with.
  • Attributes: assign your custom attributes to the specific user's profile data.
  • Role Mappings: assign Roles directly to the user and manage them.
  • Groups: assign and manage the groups of the user.
  • Monitoring: monitor and manage the user's sessions such as terminating their sessions.
  • Identity Provider Links: view the user's tokens and the profiles of the user from the IDPs.
  • Password management
  • Real-time Search
  • User Actions: set any user action for the user directly (user actions explained User Actions))

User Federation with AD and LDAP

  • Add, manage and sync your Active Directory or any LDAP Directory both manually and automatically.

User Data Import/Export

Move In and Out to/of acmeLOGIN Login by importing and exporting all your data as JSON files. You can always export your users and their hashed passwords. The passwords are hashed with the industry standard "Bcrypt".

Access management; Roles and Groups

  • You can create and manage the Roles and Groups according to your requirements.
  • Role Mappings: assign Roles to Groups or directly to the user and manage them. Also, you should assign the required Roles for each Client.
  • Groups: Users can be assigned to specific groups.
  • You can use the Roles and Groups for managing the access rights of different users to your individual applications and clients. During the login, the roles for the users that are assigned to them or their groups will be checked against the roles required by the client/application that they are trying to logging in.

Statistics, User-level Analytics and Growth Metric

User-level Analytics

We create a detailed customer record for every user. View any customer's entire event history at any time.

Growth Metric

Track your growth metrics with no additional code.

Usage data on the Map such as successful, failed logins and active sessions.

Logout the user directly from the map by clicking on the POI and select logout.

Team management

Manage your team mate. In such a way, that you can add/remove them so that they can participate with you in any of the realms you have, in order to work together on setting, configuring, managing and/or monitoring your apps.