Frequently Asked Questions

Account or Realm is a completely independent environment and account for your common data. All of your Applications/Clients that are in one Account/Realm, will share all the settings, users, security, login page (as login methods, UI/UX and Workflows), etc. You're able to have more than one Account/Realm if you have different applications that may have different users or different settings in any term.
Hopefully you won't go for the exit but in any case, you're able to terminate the use of our services and get an export of all of your data in JSON format and in a standard encryption so you can import them into your own systems or other third party providers' systems. On a side note, you can get the export of your data at anytime even when you are still continuing to use our services.
Yes, you can continue using your social login providers by migrating them also. For example, SAASPASS would continue working for you if you left acmeLOGIN Login in tandem with your new setup.
Yes, you can always export your users and their hashed passwords. The passwords are hashed with the industry standard "Bcrypt".
No, Your users and all other data that you have on acmeLOGIN Login is your own data. acmeLOGIN is just sending emails to your users on your own behalf such as email verification, password updates, etc.. You are able to set and configure all those emails from within our system.
Yes. You can do this at anytime, even after you start using acmeLOGIN Login on your application, you can import your Users with their Groups and Roles into acmeLOGIN.